One Life is about spreading the message of community values and the spirit of good will amongst as many people as possible.

We live in an ever fragmented world, one where our real-life connections are becoming increasingly disparate. It’s becoming harder than ever to look up from our phones and computers, they beep and chirp continuously asking for our attention and pulling us away from our real-life conversations and interactions. Whilst we don’t believe that the answer to this 21st predicament is to simply get rid of all the technology, we know that something has to be done in order to change the current status quo.

One Life is about spreading the word of community spirit through inspiring articles and invigorating ideas that suggest an alternative approach to your daily routine, putting the needs of others before your own and focusing on fostering a sense of community amongst the people that you see everyday.

Questioning the status of your relationships is key to understanding how you can get more out of life. By taking an honest look at the way that you treat people, and how they in turn treat you, we’re able to gain perspective on our impact on the world. Don’t be surprised if this exercise leads you to confronting some uncomfortable truths about yourself, but don’t feel like making a change is beyond your capabilities.

Every person is capable of change, it just takes one step in the right direction, followed by another, then another, then another…