Cups of Tea For Everyone!

“Having a well-earned brew isn’t something that everyone can afford the time or money for, which is a bit of shame when you think about it. For this reason, the team at Joe’s Cafe in Salford take to the streets on a monthly basis to hand out free tea, coffee and hot chocolate to anyone who needs one. It’s a simple but poignant mission which gives everyone a chance to stop for a second, enjoy a hot drink and a chat.”

“Running a successful cafe gives you a real insight into how people tick. There are many different reasons for someone to visit a cafe. They might be meeting a friend for a chat, they might be having a business meeting, or they might even be seeking a bit of peace and quiet. The longer that we’ve spent running the cafe, the more we find that many people come in for a chat with us. A cup of tea or coffee can certainly be a lot more comforting when you’ve got someone to talk to as well.”

“The idea for giving out complementary hot drinks came about when general manager Joe noticed how many homeless people were struggling on the streets of Salford. His team started by simply handing out hot drinks on a monthly basis to the homeless in the city, however they often found that they brought out too many drinks with them. Rather than throw away the extra they began giving out the drinks to members of the public.”

“Most people think there’s a catch when we offer them a drink. Many of the ones who say ‘No’ are clearly on a mission and don’t want to be bothered; the ones that stop tend to be the shoppers, teenagers or older people who have a bit more time on their hands. When we’re pouring out the drinks we have a little chat with them and usually find that they’re really eager for a little chin-wag! It’s nice to be able to take a break from the cafe and have a chat with some strangers, we end up getting a morale boost too.”