Creating Positive Shared Spaces With Vinyl Decals

“The life of a graphic designer can be incredibly busy, especially when your roster is full of little jobs, installations and consultations. It can be easy to get bogged down in the endless processes of the next task at hand. Of course, a busy printing shop means busy printers, and busy printers mean that the bills are going to get paid on time and that’s good news for everyone.”

Jack works for a design shop in London that provides a variety of print services to the whole city. The company works with a wide variety of materials and products, but find that their bespoke vinyl decals are the most sought after items.

“Our print shops is open 24 hours a day. We’re based in the heart of Soho, so there are no shortage of businesses and creatives who are in need of our services. We’re kept pretty busy for the majority of our days, but we’re also sure to schedule in time to work on creative projects that mean something to us as well.”

The creative printers at Jack’s company are permitted to allow their imaginations to run while from time to time which leads to some wild creations that are often stuck onto the shop’s windows up front. Their innovative wood-printing techniques can be seen on the bench in front of their shop, an addition put forward by the company.

“I can’t remember who came up with the idea to put the bench there, but it just seemed like such a lovely idea. The space in front of the shop isn’t really used for much and there’s shelter there which makes it a good place to hide from any rogue rain showers. Since we installed the bench we’ve seen all kinds of people sit down and take a load off, it’s really heartwarming to know that someone’s taking a break thanks to us!”