Caleb Meakins

(2010 Delegate & 2014 Conference Speaker @Onelife)


Caleb's adventure into failure is utterly inspiring. He recently spoke at the Onelife England Conference about his experiences and what he has learned from facing up to a fear of failing. Watch him speak at TEDx in Manchester about his amazing journey, and his realisation that fear holds so many of us back from stepping into what we dream of.







Colin Powell

(former US Secretary of State)


Trust is what Colin Powell says leadership is all about. "Good leaders are people who are trusted by followers." 

How do you build up that trust? He goes on to explain that it is through clear mission and vision; through selfless service - that people will follow you because they see that you are serving selflessly and that you are preparing them (your followers) with the things they need to achieve their goals.






 Desmond Tutu

(former Archbishop of Cape Town, South Africa)


Desmond Tutu says that "ultimately you want a leader who is a servant - who is not in it for themselves, who leads on behalf of, for the sake of the people."

He makes the point that the great leaders of history and in the world today had to sacrifice much in order that they and the people they were leading could see their vision realised.

He also challenges leaders to be people who encapsulate and represent the best aspirations of the people they lead.



John Wooden

(former UCLA Basketball player and coach)


Is success all about the result? John Wooden is a man who's faith influenced the way he lead and the way he viewed success. Have a listen to this man who carries years of wisdom and experience that us young leaders can learn so much from! Seriously, it's pure gold!!






Bob Wallington

(Director of ONELIFE)

How do you lead something that is revolutionary - that will require a fundamental change in the way people think, act and behave? In this interview filmed for RTEENS, Bob unpacks some lessons we can learn from leaders who have lead people, cultures and nations into incredible and life changing revolutions.






Steve Jobs

(Co-Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive of Apple inc.)

The late Steve Jobs talks about the way Apple is structured and shares some amazing insights about how to get the best people to remain a part of your organisation. GOLD!






Lisa Kristine


Lisa Kristine travelled the world with the charity Free the Slaves, using her photography skills to bring a new insight into the issue of poverty. While you watch, think about whether - within your leadership - you are aware of global issues such as this. Also take note of the way she talks about each individual and her understanding of the diversity within the world. 










 'How to Lead a Revolution'