Prayer changes everything. All that we do is fuelled and underpinned by prayer. Please join us in praying for Onelife, if we want to see this incredible vision realised, then we need to stay close to the One who birthed it...


Key dates for prayer

Onelife Oneday (London): 11th March 2017

England School of Leadership: August 2017

Scotland School of leadership: July 2017

Vision for prayer

Onelife to make a difference. Onelife to invest in change. Onelife to pray for young people who desperately need the Kingdom of Heaven to break in, to build something new. Something good. Onelife to raise up visionary leaders who will lead the people to transform their world, more aligned to what it could be, should be… but only by your prayer, not without your knees hitting the ground in a desperate cry for the sake of those who will use their one life to change many others. Imagine a country filled with godly leaders. Government, education, public services and the church populated with leaders defined by Kingdom values and character. Men and women with gifts shaped and distinguished by the presence of God. It all starts now. Here. Partnering with the Almighty in the petitions and groans of the faithful few… who understand that the foundations of a movement lie in conversations with their Father… and realise that one life is significant. Your one life can influence the lives of generations to come… and so we pray.